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Playout Automation Software :

Playout automation Software incorporates the use of broadcast programming technology to automate broadcasting operations. Used either at a broadcast network, radio station or a television station, it can run a facility in the absence of a human operator. They can also run in a "live assist" or "live broadcast automation" mode when there are on-air personnel present at the master control, television studio or control room for this any radio station / TV station / Satellite TV Studio will need the perfect Broadcast Automation Software.

Any broadcast automation software consists three work-flows first is Playout Automation and second one is On-Air Broadcast Graphics Automation and third is Live Broadcast Automation.

i-Player is India's Most Secure and Forward Broadcast Automation Software for satellite television channels or Cable TV Channel Broadcaster. I-Player supports SDI and HD output with Highly Equipped Alliances. It supports unlimited Graphics Overlay with High Quality Adobe Flash, PNG & Still JPEG, Bitmaps and PNG.

I-Player presents to you Smart advertising on TV. With I-Player, you can now advertise in a national/Local channel, in the city/ state of your choice, by getting from single outsourcing places.

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Channel Wizard     I-Player     Dashboard     Channel Monitoring System